【STL-MAP】NYOJ 991 Registration system

A new e-mail service “Berlandesk” is going to be opened in Berland in the near future. The site administration wants to launch their project as soon as possible, that’s why they ask you to help. You’re suggested to implement the prototype of site registration system. The system should work on the following principle. 继续阅读【STL-MAP】NYOJ 991 Registration system

【优先队列/贪心】The Average

In a speech contest, when a contestant finishes his speech, the judges will then grade his performance. The staff remove the highest grade and the lowest grade and compute the average of the rest as the contestant’s final grade. This is an easy problem because usually there are only several judges.

Let’s consider a generalized form of the problem above. Given n positive integers, remove the greatest n1 ones and the least n2 ones, and compute the average of the rest.

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