codeforces-1037D Berland Fair


XXI Berland Annual Fair is coming really soon! Traditionally fair consists of n booths, arranged in a circle. The booths are numbered through n clockwise with n being adjacent to 1. The i-th booths sells some candies for the price of ai burles per item. Each booth has an unlimited supply of candies. 继续阅读codeforces-1037D Berland Fair


A data stream is a real-time, continuous, ordered sequence of items. Some examples include sensor data, Internet traffic, financial tickers, on-line auctions, and transaction logs such as Web usage logs and telephone call records. Likewise, queries over streams run continuously over a period of time and incrementally return new results as new data arrives. For example, a temperature detection system of a factory warehouse may run queries like the following. Query-1: “Every five minutes, retrieve the maximum temperature over the past five minutes.” 
Query-2: “Return the average temperature measured on each floor over the past 10 minutes.” 继续阅读【UVA1203】Argus(优先队列)


n个数,编号为 0 , 1, ……, n-1 排成一个圆圈,从数字 0 开始,每次从这个圆圈中删除第 m 个数,请问最后一个剩下的数是多少?

公式: f(1) = 0; f(i) = (f(i-1)+m)%i


CodeForces – 1011B Planning The Expedition

Natasha is planning an expedition to Mars for nn people. One of the important tasks is to provide food for each participant.

The warehouse has mm daily food packages. Each package has some food type aiai.

Each participant must eat exactly one food package each day. Due to extreme loads, each participant must eat the same food type throughout the expedition. Different participants may eat different (or the same) types of food.

Formally, for each participant jj Natasha should select his food type bjbj and each day jj-th participant will eat one food package of type bjbj. The values bjbj for different participants may be different.

What is the maximum possible number of days the expedition can last, following the requirements above?

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CodeForces – 1011A A. Stages

Natasha is going to fly to Mars. She needs to build a rocket, which consists of several stages in some order. Each of the stages is defined by a lowercase Latin letter. This way, the rocket can be described by the string — concatenation of letters, which correspond to the stages.

There are nn stages available. The rocket must contain exactly kk of them. Stages in the rocket should be ordered by their weight. So, after the stage with some letter can go only stage with a letter, which is at least two positions after in the alphabet (skipping one letter in between, or even more). For example, after letter ‘c’ can’t go letters ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’, but can go letters ‘e’, ‘f’, …, ‘z’.

For the rocket to fly as far as possible, its weight should be minimal. The weight of the rocket is equal to the sum of the weights of its stages. The weight of the stage is the number of its letter in the alphabet. For example, the stage ‘a ‘weighs one ton,’ b ‘weighs two tons, and’ z’ — 2626 tons.

Build the rocket with the minimal weight or determine, that it is impossible to build a rocket at all. Each stage can be used at most once.

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