codeforces-1037D Berland Fair


XXI Berland Annual Fair is coming really soon! Traditionally fair consists of n booths, arranged in a circle. The booths are numbered through n clockwise with n being adjacent to 1. The i-th booths sells some candies for the price of ai burles per item. Each booth has an unlimited supply of candies. 继续阅读codeforces-1037D Berland Fair

Codeforces-1000B B Light It Up

Recently, you bought a brand new smart lamp with programming features. At first, you set up a schedule to the lamp. Every day it will turn power on at moment 0 and turn power off at moment M. Moreover, the lamp allows you to set a program of switching its state (states are “lights on” and “lights off”). Unfortunately, some program is already installed into the lamp.

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Codeforces-1000A Codehorses T-shirts


Codehorses has just hosted the second Codehorses Cup. This year, the same as the previous one, organizers are giving T-shirts for the winners.

The valid sizes of T-shirts are either “M” or from 0 to 3 “X” followed by “S” or “L”. For example, sizes “M”“XXS”“L”“XXXL” are valid and “XM”“Z”“XXXXL” are not.

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Codeforces-1004B. Sonya and Exhibition

Sonya decided that having her own hotel business is the best way of earning money because she can profit and rest wherever she wants.

The country where Sonya lives is an endless line. There is a city in each integer coordinate on this line. She has nn hotels, where the ii-th hotel is located in the city with coordinate xi. Sonya is a smart girl, so she does not open two or more hotels in the same city.

Sonya understands that her business needs to be expanded by opening new hotels, so she decides to build one more. She wants to make the minimum distance from this hotel to all others to be equal to dd. The girl understands that there are many possible locations to construct such a hotel. Thus she wants to know the number of possible coordinates of the cities where she can build a new hotel.

Because Sonya is lounging in a jacuzzi in one of her hotels, she is asking you to find the number of cities where she can build a new hotel so that the minimum distance from the original nn hotels to the new one is equal to d.

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