A data stream is a real-time, continuous, ordered sequence of items. Some examples include sensor data, Internet traffic, financial tickers, on-line auctions, and transaction logs such as Web usage logs and telephone call records. Likewise, queries over streams run continuously over a period of time and incrementally return new results as new data arrives. For example, a temperature detection system of a factory warehouse may run queries like the following. Query-1: “Every five minutes, retrieve the maximum temperature over the past five minutes.” 
Query-2: “Return the average temperature measured on each floor over the past 10 minutes.” 继续阅读【UVA1203】Argus(优先队列)

Codeforces:Oh Those Palindromes

A non-empty string is called palindrome, if it reads the same from the left to the right and from the right to the left. For example, “abcba“, “a“, and “abba” are palindromes, while “abab” and “xy” are not.

A string is called a substring of another string, if it can be obtained from that string by dropping some (possibly zero) number of characters from the beginning and from the end of it. For example, “abc“, “ab“, and “c” are substrings of the string “abc“, while “ac” and “d” are not. 继续阅读Codeforces:Oh Those Palindromes