My ideal work

  With the development of humankind society, various kinds of works have been created in the world, and the personality differences of each person lead to they have different ideal jobs.
  My ideal work is to be a software engineer. My parents asked me when I was young what do you want to be when you grow up? As for me, the answer was to become an enchanter when I was a child, and I even learned a magic language called "hymmnos" for this reason at that time. But witchcraft does not exist actually, so it's not practical to be an enchanter. When I started my college life and learned programming, I found that this is the real magic. We make sentences out of magic words, and sentences make up code, and then code makes up programs. After that programs are used by all over the world. I realized then that this was the best work for me. My dream of becoming a sorcerer have a chance to realize finally.
  But, it's not easy to be an enchanter, and I have to learn a lot of professional knowledge to live up to my expectations. After that I will use the code to rebuild the world, and make everything better!


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